Global Vision Strategies is regularly featured in publications all over the world. Here is a list of some of the recent articles featuring our activities & interests...




Business Consultant Helps Strangers Feel at Home in Strange Lands St. Louis Post-Dispatch July 21, 2003
Diversity Dialogues - column St. Charles County Business Record July 14, 2003
Diversity Dialogues - column St. Charles County Business Record May 27, 2003
Payback Benefit Art Auction Ladue News May 16, 2003
Corporate Relocation St. Louis Business Journal May 9-15, 2003
Trade Outlook 2003 Clarion Ledger April 9, 2003
Worldforce MBE Magazine September/October, 2001
Global Vision Strategies Makes Mark Overseas St. Louis Business Journal March 13-19, 2000
It's Payback Time Business Week October 9, 2000
Global Strategies Company Promotes Cross-Cultural Unity in International Market Home Business April, 2000
Small Business Exporter-Region 7 Small Business Monthly May 2000
Passion for Language Minority Business Entrepreneur July/August. 2000
Here's Why they call in the Web Venture Woman January 2001
Global Vision Strategies helps Companies Work Better as World Citizens St. Louis Small Business Monthly September, 1997
Going Places St. Louis Commerce Magazine June 1999
International Workers Report Cross-cultural Training would make significant difference St. Charles County Business Record November 3, 2000
World Trade Center Update Advisory Board News Nov/Dec, 2000
Is your Firm Ready for the Euro St. Louis Small Business Monthly October, 1998