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  • Global Marketing & Manufacturing Options Program (GM&M)

GM&M is a comprehensive program designed to assist companies in establishling a presence in foreign countries. Depending on the designated market and your express needs, we customize a program for you. This kind of program involves ongoing commitment, significant analysis and strategic planning over a period of time. The programs typically fall into one of the following levels of service:

  • Teaming with Technology - Customized solutions for IT companies & professionals

Technology Services is one of the most culturally diverse industries in the world today. Unprecedented growth combined with ever-increasing demand for superior technological brainpower is attracting individuals from different corners of the globe.

Diversity in the workplace has raised a number of concerns for HR professionals. Companies are realizing that there are issues beyond talent and ability that effect the performance of their employees and contractors. For example, differences in backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, management environments, corporate cultures, behavior and issues arising from periodic relocation are preventing companies from maximizing the potential of their workforce.

Global Vision Strategies can customize programs to help your employees, contractors and their families make smooth transitions. Companies utilizing our services have experienced significant increases in productivity, reduction of unnecessary distractions, less down time, and improved communication and cross-cultural integration in the workplace. So whether you are sending consultants on assignment or contracting the services of IT professional, GVS can help make a difference.

Efficiency & Process Improvement based on collaboration and partnering are defining elements of "the next economy." Give us a call and see how Global Vision Strategies can partner with you in the information age.

  • Trade Facilitation Services

Global Vision Strategies can help you develop trade relationships with companies around the world. Depending on your product, industry and global potential, we can help you develop and facilitate buyers, resellers, distributors, etc.

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